December 2, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier6 Minutes

Monday Funday


No day off for me, dance class with an amazing teacher so lots of movement plus abs and stretching for a 90min class.

I many ways you’re probably quite lucky that you do separate stretching classes – often missed by people training with weights to their detriment. 

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All Over Weights 1


Well its has to be said, working out after leg day sucks. My thighs feel like lead, my hams are tight and my butt feels huge. On the plus side I obviously got a good workout yesterday! Today I did warm up on the elliptical, sprints on the treadmill at 9.5 on 2 incline, squats: 30lb total dumbbell (3×15), deadlift: 50lb barbell (3×15), overhead press 10lb dumbbells (3×15), bent over row 30lb barbell (3×20), lat pull down – not on the schedule I just enjoy these! (3×15 @ 5), sit ups (2×15), knee lifts (3×10) plank (1 minute)

Hahaha! Why do girls always notice the (minor) swelling in their legs after leg day and focus on it! I’m sure it must be psychological in part. Well done though, the sign of a good session! DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is normal and it is often accompanied by a little swelling. I’ve often had people complain that they’ve “put on weight” after a hard leg session, when in reality there’s just a little local inflammation from the hard work. It means it’s working! Keep it up.

Also had a dance rehearsals this morning so had a pretty active day.

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All Over Weights 2


Great workout today, motivated and had a good breakfast (scrambled eggs, avocado and turkey bacon).

Perfect breakfast. So many people have just carbs at breakfast, a healthy breakfast like this with carbs, fats and protein is a great way to start the day. Keeps you fuller for longer and helps ensure protein synthesis is kickstarted again. 

Warmed up on the elliptical, sprints on the treadmill at 9.5 on a 2.5 incline. Squats with 65lbs 3×20 holy moly 20 was tough for sure, last set burned and my legs were shaking-VERY slow last set.

Great work Cat! Not a weight to be sniffed at. Sounds like you worked hard.

Overhead press: 15lbs dumbbells 3×20, it didn’t occur to me until this workout that I can also do this exercise with a barbell, so next time I’ll give it a go. Deadlifts: 50lbs 3×20. Chest press: hooray for a flat bench, 15lb dumbbells again for 3×20 – bit intimidated to do a barbell chest press at the gym but now I have a training buddy so we can work together on this next time.

Always good to have a training partner. Not only to spot you on exercises like this, but for encouragement and to help you work to failure. A bit of healthy competition is always god too.

Bent over row: 30lb barbell 3×20, stayed relaxed throughout, took my time and followed your tips so I didn’t strain my neck. Sit-ups, reverse crunch, plank and stretching.

Well done Cat. The last thing we want is an injury. Top marks!

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Did adventure obstacle 5K – hilarious, good workout, mostly worked my abs laughing.

Hahaha! I love how varied your training and lifestyle is… Making me ant to move to LA.

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Sunday – Legs


Warm-up and sprints on the treadmill 9.5 @2.5, squats: 65lbs barbell 3×20, glute bridge 10lb sand weights 3×20 (at home because this at the gym feels awkward when you’re one of two women there ugh), deadlifts: 50lb 3×20 with ham stretch immediately afterwards – need to up the weight next workout, split squats: 10lb dumbbells in each hand 3×12 – this was hard today, really burned and struggled to 12?! Leg extension: 3×15 at #5, leg extension 3×20 at #3. Another round of stretching quads, butt and hamstrings then I literally hobbled out the gym.

Good session. Sounds like a good one, even if the glute bridge did have to be relegated to at home. I’ve found women often find this a difficult one to come to terms with at the gym – being such a male dominated and often lecherous place. One tip Kate uses is to find a wall without mirror and do it legs towards the wall. Don’t know if this is an option. Failing that, I can give you a different exercise if you like.


Overall another good week. It sounds like the progression via weights is working and you are working to failure and the intensity is high. Keep it up!