December 9, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier12 Minutes

Can’t believe it’s already week 5 of my Leading Lady Diary already, the time is flying by!

That’s a really good sign. Often people feel like it’s dragging if they really aren’t liking it. I’m sure the LA sun is helling but still, good news.

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Supposed to be a day off but I missed Saturday as I had an adventure run so bumped legs to Sunday and upper weights to today.

It’s important to make the programme work with your lifestyle. often (as long as enough rest is included) the order really isn’t important. Of far more importance is enjoying life and making the fitness fit in with it, not vice versa; you have this sorted. Well done.

  1. Treadmill sprints @ 10mph – BEAST! Felt so good today, music blasting and really into it. Very impressed!! Brilliant.
  2. Dumbbell chest press 3 sets @ 15lbs – owwwww the last set was murder. Focused on my breathing.
  3. Lat pull down 3 sets of 20 @ #5, again killer today and had to take my time in the last set, the last three in each set were a struggle.
  4. Overhead press 3 sets. First set @ 15lbs then the next 2 sets @ 10lbs as the struggle was real by this point!
  5. Seated row 3 sets of 15. First set @ #5 then moved down to #4 – what is happening today?!
  6. Triceps dips 3 sets 15 with straight legs – this actually felt good!
  7. Biceps dumbbell curl 3 sets of 20reps – first set @ 15lbs then I felt like my muscle was ripping so moved to 10lbs.

Also did this lat exercise where I leant forward on a high padded bench and picked up a wight between my legs, one point by my feet the other by my chest – don’t know the name for this but did 3 sets of 12 @25lbs. Did assisted pull-ups with the machine on 60lbs whoop, will try to get this lower and lower till I can do them myself.

Great work. The whole session sounds good, especially th pull-ups! Keep going with this; let’s get those unassisted ones in the bag by the end of the programme…!

Sit-ups, reverses and stretching for the win!

Hahaha. Perfect. 

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All Over Weights 1


  1. Tabata sprints on the treadmill at 10mph – this sucked today. It was a fight to get the the 8th round as my thighs felt like rocks. A little fatigue from the run at the weekend and yesterday’s session I suspect. Still, it’s meant to be tough and the last couple are menat to be a struggle, so all good.
  2. Squats: 3×20 sumo squats with 2x20lb dumbbells.
  3. Overhead press: 3 x20, first round with 15lbs then the next 2 with 10lbs dumbbells. Fire in the middle of my back and sweating through this! Will switch back to 10lbs till I can do 3 full rounds comfortably then move up a weight or maybe do 12.5lb dumbbells? Either or. DBs are fine to use, or start with 15 until you fail then continue with 10 until you complete the reps or fail again (drop sets).
  4. Deadlift: 3×20 60lbs barbell, this felt good, felt like a had control and could focus join my back and hamstrings – also feel I could go up some lbs here. Good work. It sounds like you are getting to grips with “feeling” the right muscles. As a dancer, you should know your own body pretty well, so this may come easier. But it’s really important to learn to squeeze the relevant muscles when working them: doing a lat pull down, squeeze the lats at the bottom. Doing a glute bridge: squeeze the glutes at the top etc.
  5. Dumbbell chest: 3×20 at 15lb dumbbells, this also felt good. The last round my arms were a little shaky and think that was because of the upper body workout yesterday. Agreed. Good to voerload every now and then though.
  6. Bent over row: 3×20 with a 40lb bar bell, some neck strain again so I reset, tried to relax and get my head in a neutral position. Well done.
  7. Sit-ups/ reverse crunch and Russian twists plus stretching. Brilliant.

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Day off


Actually had a day off and it was ace! Do feel like I need to up my cardio as I haven’t been running in a while and feel a little thick. Maybe more mental than physical…

You needed the day off, alot of working out over 6days. You may ‘feel’ like you need to run, but with all the intervals, you don’t. Your CV will be better than it’s ever been and you get the longer CV workouts from dancing anyway!

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All Over Weights 2


Protein shake for breakfast. Warmed-up on the bike for 10 mins, was not in the mood to workout today and I took a pre workout supplement so thought that would get me jazzed. Nope. 10mins on the bike, a couple of good jams and then I had a word with myself and hopped on the treadmill for sprints. 7 rounds at 9.5 – killer again! Literally couldn’t face another 20 sec my legs felt like jelly.

I’m not a fan of “pre-workouts”. I know some lads swear by them. I think a shot of espresso and a man up pill (metaphorical) is always the besyt “medicine”. Sounds like you had a word (man up pill) and that did the trick. Strong. Always easy to leave and say you weren’t feeling it, but then that stays with you all day. I haven’t read on, but I bet you felt better for getting it done.

On another note, it’s worth working out WHY you didn’t feel like it. Did you sleep badly? Was this a particularly early session for you? Did you drink last night? What did you eat last night? etc. Work it out so you can avoid it next time.

Squats: 3×20 with 65lb barbell. Loved this, felt strong today and the last 5 of every set I did sumo squats. Overhead press: 3×20 with 10lb dumbbells, first set was easy and the second two kicked my butt and I was shaking and my shoulders burned.

I love how hard you are working Cat, this is inspiring stuff – ladies reading this: this is a professional dancer training her heeart out, shaling while lifting weights. Note, 20mins on the cross trainer reading heat mag doesn’t cut it, this does. You’re an inspiration Cat, keep it up.

Did glute bridge today HOORAY as my roomie was with me and we did it together, used a 25lb plate on my thighs for 2 rounds of 15 – feel less awkward about doing that next time I’m alone at the gym!

Often (not always) our hang ups are in our heads. Some people are very good at seeing attention as positive (as in, people are looking ‘cos I’m awesome) others see it as negative (oh god, why are they looking). Actually, half the time, most people in a gym are more interested in the mirror than anyone else. It’s all perspective. One thing I’ve tried to learn to do is not to take ANYTHING personally. It’s really hard, but as you get used to it, it’s very liberating.

Deadlift 3×10 with 80b barbell. Enjoyed this and would like to stay at this weight and up my reps.

Do that then. Keep the weight and see how many reps you can do to failure.

Chest press like a boss 3×20 with 15lb dumbbells, last set was shaking like you wouldn’t believe! Triceps pulls with the rope attachment at #3 on the weight machine and also oblique pulls 2×15 on each side at #5 (got this tip from another woman into fitness and thought I’d give it a go), sit-ups, Russian twists and reverse crunches – peace out, gym! Dance class for 90mins this eve and macros today were really good, ate well and felt great and almost spot on!

Perfect. Sounds really good. Dance class this evening must have been cheeky after the gym session earlier. As long as you get the good food in (which by the sound of it you did) you would have refueled and been good to go.

On the oblique twists; nice exercise for core strength, just don’t overdo it – women generally dont want to grow their obliques too much as it can widen the waist. You want to trim it. Kate stopped doing oblique work for this reason. You won’t do too much working in a Calorie deficit anyway. Just don’t start adding big weights and making this your daily go to exercise. Nice to add in with abs once or twice a week.

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Day off


Took another amazing jazz funk dance class.

No stopping you!

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Legs/ Upper


Woke-up feeling AWFUL, have the flu so workouts have been postponed until Monday – I hope – major muscle ache but not sure if it’s the 80b deadlifts or being ill!!

Always rest when ill. If you train you’ll just make yourself feel worse and probably elongate the time you are ill. rest, eat and drink lots of water.