December 16, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier8 Minutes

I read through the notes from last weeks Leading Lady Diary and it has given me some good stuff to think about. My mental state before and during gym time, performing weights at the gym etc. I feel like I’m excited to get to the gym or to class when I’m having a crazy busy day and I have to ‘squeeze’ it in so when I have a whole day off I procrastinate then get sluggish and I put off the gym. Which is ridiculous because once I’m there and going I feel like a champ! Man-up pill is the way to go for sure!

Fear not. You are not alone. The number of times I have spoken to people who I advise who find themselves on a day off at 4.30pm (having planned to go all day) saying they might leave it as now they’ll hit the busy time. It’s a case of “knowing yourself”, something I have written about in every book I’ve written and planning to suit you. What you do know, is that once you have been to the gym you feel awesome. So schedule it in: first thing, mid morning, mid afternoon and STICK to it. It’s that simple.

Yes there are busy days when you have to work it in sneakily, but that’s life. You can always do a Perfect Pins leg workout in front of the TV if you haven’t made it to the gym, or just do 2 x Tabatas at the gym to perform a short sharp session. No excuses…

So anyway, week 6…

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Monday was another much needed full day off but ready to get back at it Tuesday.

As you’ve rightly said “much needed” and they are. Too many people (women as well as men) think the ONLY way to the perfect body is to hammer and hammer the training; no rest days, just keep going. For men, a lot of the people you see doing this will be aiding their recovery in other ways. For women, there is usually ua underlying issue with food and exercise that needs addressing. At the end of the day, our bodies repair and grow and change when we rest. Exercise just creates stimulus. Both the body and mind need a rest from training so take it. Good job Cat.

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Tuesday – All Over Weights


Warm-up on the elliptical and then hit the treadmill for sprints, @9.5mph….sucked so bad today after taking a few days off and being ill. Squats 3×20 with 65lbs barbell, chest press at 15lb dumbbells but 20 reps today hooray! Overhead press 2×15 rounds at 15lbs, 1 round at 10lbs, again feeling a little out of sorts so I really took my time with these and timed my rest periods. Dead lifts 3×12 @60lb barbell – dropped back down to 60 and this was good for today. Bent over row with 35lb barbell 3×15. Sit-ups, reverse crunches and stretching! Good to know about the oblique work, will keep that sporadic.

Great session. Always tough coming back to Tabata after some time away, especially if ill. I did Tabata last night at a speed I used to do, but haven’t in a while – it was TOUGH! But, as I am sure you’ll agree, feels great afterwards and keeps that heart rate up throughout the rest of the session. Good reps and weights Cat. Keep this up now. You’re at the important stage.

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Wednesday – Rest



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Thursday – Rest


Day off, dance class 90mins.

Effectively LISS and HIIT combined so not to be sniffed at!

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Super busy day so no weights at the gym and went for a quick run at Fryman Canyon instead.

At the start of this blog (having not read through, as I prefer not to know what’s coming) I stated life has to dictate when exercise is fitted in. I said Perfect Pins or Tabata at the gym only, you included a run in sunny LA (it’s windy and wet here, hence I didn’t say that!) which is perfect. You did something, which is the main thing. Good work.

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Saturday – Legs


OK, feeling back to my strong self today! Elliptical warm-up plus sprints at 10mph. Flipped my usual leg workout around a bit. Started with leg extensions 2×15 @ #5 then set number 3 till failure. Hamstring curls 2×15 @ #3, last set to failure, booty kick-backs at #6, 3×20 on each side, squats 3×20 sumo squats with 2 30lb dumbbells (OOO THE BURN), deadlift 3×12 with 80lb barbell, this felt good again today! Rushed out of the gym as it was closing so just a quick stretch before home.

Sprints at 10! Well done Cat. And working to failure on all those moves is perfect. That will give the body a stimuli to change and adapt to. Well done. 

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Sunday Funday


Sunday Funday was a quick run/ hike as I was pushed for time and it was beautiful out!

You have the weather, so why not. I’m pretty sure if I lived in LA I would do 80% of my training outdoors. Your next programme we’ll have to make specific for you with outdoor training paramount.

Overall this felt like a good week after a bad weekend, honestly I didn’t track what I was eating this week so I need to make a conscious effort to focus on that next week. I did do some meal prep though so when I was running around I had veggies and meat ready to go and small snacks so I didn’t need to eat out and make poor choices.

There can be a point where you don’t NEED to track as you have done for some time so pretty much know how much ad what to eat. In my nutrition ebook (due out in around 4 weeks) I give some simple rules and guidelines to make this even more achievable. I’ll send you a copy as a thanks for blogging and you can see if it helps.

A good healthy and active week overall which is all we can ask really. Keep focussed in the gym and keep the sessions as intense as you can so you make the most of them when you can fit them in. Keep up the good work.