December 23, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier11 Minutes

Ugh week 7 was a wash, party after party for Thanksgiving and more carbs than I’d like to admit (and not the good kind!). So I call a re-do, a bye-week if you will….so a delayed week 7…

This happens Cat. Life sometimes takes over and we have to accept it. When you have weeks like this it pays to try to be “good” at these “bad” events. Obviously fitting in some training, even if just some home workouts, can pay dividends too.

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Monday – Upperbody


Elliptical warm-up, chest press 3×20 w/15lb DB, bicep curl into shoulder press 3×20 w/ 12.5 DB, lat pull down w/ #5 1×20, 2×15 (last few in each set was hard), assisted pull up, 2×10 w/ 60lb, 1×10 w/50 (hooray! Aiming for all at 50lb later this week), seated row 3×15 at #5, bent over row 3×20 w/ 35lb BB, tricep pushdown rope 3×15 w/#3, cable rear felt flies 3×20 w/#3, side dumbbell raises 3×20 w/5lb – this was surprisingly difficult with this small weight but think it’s because I had a long session and this was my last exercise?! Finished with sit-ups, reverse crunches, Russian twists and 2 min plank.

The latter an exercise is in a session, especially if the session involves many exercises on the same muscle group(s), the more difficult it may appear to be. Put the same exercise at the start of another session and all of a sudden it feels easier. Length of a session also makes a huge difference. it’s why I don’t recommend sessions longer than 45-70mins. Ideally under 60mins.

Also, did a 3 mile hike to the Hollywood sign.

As you do!

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3 mile hike/ run at Fryman. I know this program is gym based and days off are necessary but I have to do something active every day unless work gets in the way, I have so much energy and it makes me feel so good. I love weight training and cardio! Macros on point today so feel great about that. Meal prep + my fitness pal has been great.

Well done on the macros. You should be pleased. My Fitness Pal make life so much easier and make it possible to stay to a Calorie and macro goal. Well done for getting into it.

Reference the rest days and training, remember that the body repairs and changes in response to training whne it rests. No rest days means the body can’t really do that and the training days could be wasted slightly. We do want your body to have time and energy to adapt. Having said that, I do know what its like. I used to be someone who struggled to have any rest days; always wanting to train. Just try to ensure at least one full rest day a week if you can. It will keep you injury and illness free if nothing else.

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Wednesday – All Over Weights


Really sore achilles tendons today so skipped sprints and did a 10min warm-up on the treadmill, mixed up walking with side steps at 15 incline, booty kick backs 3×20 at 72, bicep curls to shoulder press 3×15 at 12.5, leg extensions 3×15 at 50, assisted pull-ups 3×10 at 50 (WAHOOOOO), sumo squats 3×15 at 50, lat pull down 3×15 at 50, dead lifts 3×10 at 80, sit-ups, reverse crunches and stretching. Feel great today, my arms feel strong and to me look a little leaner.

Well done on the weights. Going up and up, which is great. Many people get a real sense of achievement seeing the weights clock up even if this was never part of the initial plan. Well done Cat. 

As I said above, rest can prevent injuries. if your achilles are painful, it could be a sign of achilles tendinitis which is often attributed to overuse. Also check your trainers. Are they running trainers or cross training/dance shoes etc? Are they old? Make sure they still have some shock absorbance. If you keep getting Achilles pains we may need to look at your running  and cadence to prevent heel striking. 

Hey, any advice to zero in on some specific areas? The area behind my arm-pit/ on top of the back of my bra strap? I like to call that Barry Back Fat!

You cannot spot reduce fat. Again; you cannot spot reduce fat. You need to build some muscle overall and up your metabolism by eating according to the Calories and macros you set. As long as you are consistent, the bodyfat will slowly drop off. But, if you have bad weeks as you did last week those stubborn areas won’t change. They will be some of the last to go, that’s why you have to be consistent. Unfortunately there is no way to make your body lower bodyfat from specific areas. It just doesn’t work that way.

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Thursday – Rest


DAY OFF for real. Felt good especially to give my legs a rest.

Well done. As we said above, rest is needed!

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Ill again so no gym – did think of going for a hike between jobs today but I fell asleep ha.

Ill from overtraining or not resting enough? Could be. especially if you are burning the candle at both end during fun weeks like last week. Not resting will give your immune system a bashing and mean you’ll be ill more frequently. That’s why eating well is important, it’ll help you recover and get all the vitamins and minerals you need. The theme for this weeks blog from my point of view is “rest days are necessary”. I’m glad you fell asleep, you obviously needed it. A hike wouldn’t have been the best idea in my opinion.

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Still not 100% and have some muscle aches so went for a run instead to get some air and exercise, couldn’t face weights today!

Rest would’ve been better I would’ve said. Aches aren’t always DOMS, can be that ache you get when ill. Still, if you felt well enough to run, then well done. Good to get fresh air as you say. Just make sure you hydrate and refuel when you do these when not feeling 100%

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Funday: Had planned to do legs today but I’m going snowboarding tomorrow so that plan was nixed! Instead I did 10mins on the bike at 10 to warm-up/ get a little cardio (major pain in my achilles today so no sprints), shoulder press 1×20, 1×15, 1×12 with 12.5 dumbells: this was incredibly hard today, not sure if it’s because I’ve been light on the gym this week and I’ve lost strength or if it’s just an off day. Squats 3×15 at 80lbs, assisted pull-ups 3×10 at 50, bicep curls with 40lb barbell, bent over row 3×15 with 40lb barbell, tricep rope pulls, rear delt machine (I had to look this up as had no idea what to call it!!) 3×20 at 3, then another back machine (I will find the name of it) and I did 3 sets of 20 with 70lbs. Sorry to say no stretching or abs as the gym was closing and I whizzed off to run some errands!

Good decision to ditch legs if snowboarding the next day. Achilles is worrying. Definitely leave sprints until this is sorted. Check hiking boots and trainers. Even slow LISS runs may be causing achilles problems. 

Great weights session; well worked.

Food has been up and down this week but the highlight was when a personal trainer I work with told me, as I was shoving chocolate cake in my mouth, that abs are made in the kitchen. Abs next week then, eh?!

Lol. As for your “how to zero in on certain areas” question… Abs are made using MyFitnessPal and sticking to your Calorie?macro goal while training hard with compound exercises. No amount of sit ups will get you a six pack if Calories are more than you need – chocolate cake or not!