December 30, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier6 Minutes



Snowboarding! Amazing day at Big Bear, stretched before I started and hit some different level runs and lots of walking in the snow – heart rate was up!

Have you noticed any improvements in your ability or anymore stability from the leg training? You should find over time that it helps with snowboarding

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Tuesday – All Over Weights


Mixed bunch here just freestyle a bit as I was back at the old gym in my apartment building. Warm-up on the elliptical, leg extensions 3×16 at #5, leg machine 3×20 at #8, lat pull down 3×15 at #5, bicep curl into shoulder press 3×20 with 5lb  dumbbells, lateral and front shoulder raises 3×20 with 5lb dumbbells, booty kickbacks and side kicks (on all fours) 3×16 with 5lb ankle weights, inner thigh kicks/ clam shells/ straight leg clams 3×20 with ankle weights. Sit-ups and stretch out.

Sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got. I’ve spent the last 10days without a gym, so it has been all bodyweight. Like your apartment gym (apart from hand stand press-ups) this mostly means the exercises are too easy/light. To combat this I concentrate on slow, slow tempo, big squeezes on the muscles and higher reps if necessary. Shorter rests can also help.

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Hike! Another 70 degree Winter day in California so did the Baldwin Hills stairs ascending 260 feet in about .15 miles – good thigh and butt workout so walked up and ran down twice.

Wow! Great effort. Up and down twice. I love this sort of training, what we called in the Marines “Yomping”. I can’t think of anything better than a “yomp” in California in the sun. Good work Cat.

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Leg focus but did some arms too! Warm-up and half my sprints on the treadmill then switched to the bike as my achilles were on fire, total 30 min cardio. Definitely head in the game by this point so started with triceps rope pulls 1×20/1×15/1×12 at #3, leg curls 3×20 at #3, squats 3×12 with 80lb barbell, bicep curl to overhead press 3×12 with 12.5 dumbbells, deadlift 3×12 at 80lbs, leg extensions 3×20 at #5 then reverse crunch, sit-ups, Russian twists and lovely long stretch session. Feel great! Energy is still up, I feel strong and seeing some definition in my arms, shoulders and thighs now. My arms have always been muscley and used to great then I got bulky and they just looked ‘thick’ – now they seem to be leaning out and looking more defined hooray! Thank you – it really makes a difference having a program to follow and getting support.

Keep off that achilles if it’s bad. You need to let it heal. We can’t afford for you to get a chronic injury that means you can’t dance!

So glad you are ‘seeing” the differences. That’s the most important thing. It’s the reason I get people to take photos before and during a new programme. Following a programme and getting the food right is imperative. It makes sure you progress and make things harder and thus why your arms, shoulders and legs are starting to look liker you want them too. Keep going, it only gets better.

My diet this week has been good, high protein, good carbs, feel like I’m in the swing of it this week although my appetite has shrank big time.

Well done. Good work. Don’t let the appetite fool you though; if you are training you need food. It’ll help you repair, refuel and avoid injury. Don’t let the achilles affect the rest of you because you are under Calories and lead to a more serious injury. You know what you need to do, the fact that you are seeing results says it’s working so don’t change it now!

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Day off.

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Hahaha! I’m jealous of your life now. 

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Recovering from some snowboarding falls yikes – all good just very stiff and bruised, ha!

Some light training can help get blood flow to bruises and ease them off. Unless you are so sore you can’t more, try a training session next time. See if it helps!

Overall, another great week. I’m so pleased you can see results. That is perfect at 8 weeks. Imagine 12 weeks? Another 4 weeks and you’ll see even more changes. Keep it up!