Cat’s Leading Lady Diary – Week 9

Sean Lerwill Female Training

Woof with international travel and Christmas I’m not even sure what day it is never mind which week I’m in!

I have been going to a gym near my parents house and they have a good selection of machines and free weights. (Had to suffer through a 40 minute induction ughhh) I have been doing ‘all over weights’ quite a lot plus some running in the evening and have even thrown some swimming into the mix!

Doing something is always better than doing nothing, so well done for making the effort to find a gym, suffer the induction and at least try to get something done.

While at the gym have been enjoying using the cable machine to work inner and outer thighs, butt, chest and back, triceps and even had shot at unassisted pull-ups: that was laughable but I will push on haha!

At least by trying you know you want to be able to do it. There’s no reason why you can’t build up to them. Just keeping trying and use other methods of training the lats like lat pull down and assisted chins to get there.

Back to sprints on the treadmill although my first day back I could only do 4 rounds (lame) but back to 8 on 2 incline at 10mph.

Good work.

Food this time of year is usually a bit of a joke so I have tried to keep everything in moderation but things have come to a stand still as I’m ill AGAIN! Tonsillitis has knocked me on my butt for a few days so will rest up before hitting be gym again. On the plus side my Achilles are getting some much needed rest and I can do the exercises the physical therapist gave me. Basically stair raises controlled to stretch and strengthen, have been doing them since I was first injured in 2013 and have to avoid any calf strengthening exercises that include raises or added weights.

It’s almost impossible to avoid too much food at that time of year. By the sounds of it you did better than most. And at least you were getting some training done as well!

Not great about the illness, but good to hear you rested and that that helped the achilles. Have a read about eccentric loading for tendinitis problems. I take it that’s what you mean by raises – the lowering portion weighted has been shown to help and even alleviate tendon problems. Give it a Google.

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