July 28, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minute

On Saturday after a client in the afternoon, Kate and I trained together in the gym for the first time in a while. What better than the cliché training split of chest/tris!

The session looked like:

Warm-up: mobilisation of the shoulder and elbow. Light db press.

  • 1. GVT dumbbell chest press. 10sets. 10reps. 3030 tempo. 4 sets incline, 2 sets flat, 3sets decline, 1 set incline.
  • 2. Triceps rope cable ext. 5sets. 10-12reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 3. Close grip bench press. 5sets. 10-12reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 4a. Cable crossover. 3sets. 10-12reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 4b. Isometric press-up wipers. 3sets. 10-12reps.