March 5, 2012In Royal MarinesBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

I’ve been working in the civilian fitness industry for a good few years now and with great links with Maximuscle, Haynes, The Third Space, W Athletic, SilverModels, FlexDem and having worked with Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Running among others, I feel like I’m headed in the right direction!

Before I moved to London and starting working for The Third Space and with Maximuscle, I worked solely for myself under Commando Conditioning. Commando Conditioning’s aim was to give military style advice and training to civilians wanting to emulate Marine Commando Fitness, or for young men wanting to join the Marines, so advice on how to train to pass the various entrance criteria. Much like my first book: Royal Marine Fitness, providing fitness advice based on the way in which Royal Marines train and prepare.

An old Commando Conditioning profile pic:

Sean Lerwill's Commando Conditioning