July 17, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

The last few days have been a bit hectic. Lots of work and a new puppy have seen to that. However, I’ve still managed to get a couple of sessions done:

Sean Lewill bodyweight trainingCore session:

  1. Side-bends. 3sets. 10reps. 3030.
  2. Weighted sit-ups. 3sets. 10reps. 2020.
  3. Reverse crunch. 3sets. 10reps. 2020.
  4. Saxon side bends. 3sets. 10reps. 2020.
  5. Bicycle sit-ups. 2sets. 10reps.
  6. Sit-ups. 2sets. 10reps. 2020.
  7. Rollouts. 3sets. 10reps. 3030.
  8. Plank. 1min plank, 30sec rest x 3. Then 30sec plank, 15sec rest x 2.

Shoulder session:

Warm-up: mobility, light overhead press.

  • 1. Single arm press pyramid. Each arm 30sec rest. 2reps, 3reps, 4reps, 5reps, 6reps, 7reps, 8reps, 9reps, 10reps, 9reps, 8reps, 7reps, 6reps, 5reps, 4reps, 3reps, 2reps. 3030.
  • 2a. Standing lateral raise. 3sets. 10reps. 3030.
  • 2b. Dumbbell overhead press. 3sets. 10reps. 3030