October 10, 2011In NutritionBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Cortisol production hampering fat loss?

I had an audition (to play a Spartan King – would’ve been cool, but pretty sure I screwed it up!) early this morning, so was on the tube for an hour during rush hour. While trying to kill the time, I was reading the Metro, and for once was quite pleased with one of the articles it contained:

Instead of telling everyone to exercise more, eat less, faddy diets etc. the article concentrated on Cortisol production, something I often have to explain to my overly stressed, hard working clients in central London, who just can’t understand why they can’t see their six pack despite hours with me in the gym and everything else looking pretty damn good.

Have a read, it’s by no means scientific grade, but it gives an excellent insight into understanding what our bodies do to us and how cortisol is involved.