August 22, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill7 Minutes

I’ve been a bit slack with the blogging so apologies for that. It’s been a busy week, and today is not different with a few PT clients, including the Glory 10 fighter Steve Wakeling, a meeting with the Editor of one of the leading Fitness mags in the UK and an audition for a sports modelling job for a fitness brand. Oh, and yesterday I was onset for a BBC show until 9pm. Busy.

However, I’ve still managed to fit in ALL my GVT Cyclone Challenge sessions this week. And yes, they have been epic. As the weights increased on the squats, straight leg deadlifts and biceps curls, my DOMS have been monumental. Still, somethings obviously working if that’s the case.

On Sunday I was back to the start with the Chin-ups and incline DB press. I stuck to the same weight on the chin-ups, as I really didn’t feel I could do them weighted with more than last time. They were as tough as I expected. Liquid chalk was needed and I must admit to a few 3/4reps for the 9/10 reps on the 9/10 sets. Just couldn’t get the chin over the bar!

The Db incline presses were a little better. I didn’t up the weight, but really kept to the tempo (not that I don’t usually). Did half the sets with my eyes closed to really feel the chest work. The next day, my delts, pecs and triceps were feeling it big time. Subsidiary wise I did a close grip cable row, 3 sets of 15 and a 4th set with drops. Then 3 sets of cable cross over and a 4th set with drops. Cheeky isn’t the word. I then went to Spitalfields and Shoreditch to catch up with a military friend and eat whatever came my way!

Monday was legs. I’ll admit that I’ve been getting quite nervous before these sessions. This one in particular as I’d decided it was this session I was going to attempt the 2.5kg increase. I’ll be honest, this session knocked me for 6. The 1min rests with the added weight while strictly keeping to the tempo really added up. I think by set 6 I was seriously sweating and having to sit between set, spotting my training partner from a distance! Anyway, the last reps on sets 9 and 10 went up, despite me asking my training partner to spot me directly just in case, so we moved on to straight leg DLs. I’m not too heavy on this exercise. I like to ensure I can lower over 4 to keep the tempo, without stressing my back. Having said that, I still increased from last time by 2.5kg. It was hard, but not as tough as the squats. Also, the DOMS weren’t as bad in the hamstrings as recent weeks.

As usual, I supersetted the squats with standing calf raises. Although this does seem to make the squats harder and make me completely out of breath, I find it works better for me and gets this session over with quicker which was needed with this one, simply because I had to eat and regain some sort of ability to walk as I had some people to train afterwards!

Tuesday I took the full rest day. No active rest for me this week. My body was shattered and needed the recovery time. After all, Recovery Equals Successful Training!

I was completely unsure leading up to Wednesday if I would have time to train. I’d planned to do a run and core session early doors, and then thought I’d be on set all day. As it happens, my call time wasn’t until later in the day, meaning a dips, curls session was feasible. I kept the weight for the dips as it has been the last two sessions. I had planned to go up, but I’m already using what I consider to be a heavy weight and my triceps were aching from the DB presses. I’ll push up next time. I really tried to slow the movement down, and had to take very brief pauses between reps 8,9,10 on the last 3 sets. Either Sunday’s session was still taking it’s toll or I was just being weak! I took the curls up by 2kg each dumbbell, and found that weight manageable. it’s amazing as when I increased last time I found the new weight really tough and needed spotting. ust shows you how quickly the body adapts to this type of training. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough, and hurt like hell in the belly of the biceps each rep, but I didn’t struggle as much as last time.

Instead of shoulder exercises, I did a triceps rope cable pushdown for 3 sets, last set was a drop set and a lying cable curl for biceps, 3 sets, the last set drops sets. Great little session. Saving the shoulders means today I’m going to go and do a core, caves and shoulder session as an active rest day. Tomorrow may have to be a rest day due to work and travel, so I’ll be back to chest/back on Saturday… yay!