August 10, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

Yesterday was the first rest day of my Cyclone Challenge GVT programne and followed my leg day the day before. I’ve waited until today to write the blog to see how the aftermath (DOMS) really is!

The session it’s self was tough. The 1min rest between sets makes the weight (which is actually pretty modest) really stack up. I was literally dripping with sweat from set 3 onwards.

The last few reps of sets 9 and 10 were a struggle and I didn’t feel i couldn’t do full reps or stick to the tempo, but did give everything each set. The volume really takes its toll. I supersetted the leg curls with standing calf raises on a wooden block (for a larger RoM): the two exercises combined really added up and my legs were in pieces by the 10th set – again, still dripping with sweat!

Last up was the leg ext, after 3 sets of 12, I took the weight down by one plate and did a fourth set with two drops, so 12 reps, drop 25% 10reps, drop 25% and another 10reps. What I have termed the “leg ext dance” was then performed to get me away from that machine as quick as possible!

The stairs out of the gym were a struggle, I just felt empty! My scoop and a half of cyclone, mixed with a scoop of protein complex and some carb impact made me feel a but better. I then had some berries and a banana.

I found this session really tough. It’s the volume and the short rest periods combined with the tempo (4010), but you feel elated at the end – shattered (I fell asleep for 20mins about an hour after) but elated. I can see why this training system gets the results people speak of if the structure is kept to.

My DOMS have crept in, but I’ve had worse. To be honest the legs just felt empty and I’ve felt lethargic. Part of that might be less sleep than I’d like, as we’ve had guests meaning I’ve been up later and our idiot neighbours have employed builders who wake the street up with loud reggae music very early, so what can you do!

I really needed yesterday’s rest day, but equally looking forward to today’s dips, curls and shoulders!