August 16, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Yesterday was a complete rest day in terms of training. I had a pretty busy day with training others and working on a friends TV pilot so I was on my feet most of the day… and as the DOMS increased I just wanted to sit down!

The session the day before was based around the leg session on the programme but I had to tweak it for two reasons:

  1. I was at NKD Ambition, the PT studio I use. It doesn’t have machine, just free weights, cables and platform etc.
  2. I had 1hr 15mins between clients and the 12-1 Facebook Q&A so had to be hard and fast with the session – no messing!

Therefore, my leg session was:

Supersets of 10sets 10reps 4010 1mins rest after 2nd exercise before starting again of:

  • A1. Squats
  • A2. Standing calf raise

Then 10sets 10reps 4010 1mins rest

  • B1. Straight leg deadlift

I didn’t have time for any subsidiary exercises really so left it at that after a quick stretch and roll. I kept the squat weight the same as my previous legs as I was superstring with calves. I placed a flat eleiko plate under my toes for the calf raises to ensure a full stretch. The weight on the straight leg DLs was upped by 2.5kg, and my left is really feeling it. Right is too, but the left almost feels torn.

I spent some time last night while watching a bit of TV rolling and stretching. Something I can’t push enough on clients who start training hard to change their physiques. Make that part of your Cyclone Challenge too: use a foam roller/stretch 20mins every evening.