August 18, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

I’m now two complete rotations in and certainly feeling the workload. Yesterday was my fourth official rest day, and as per last week’s post arms day rest day, I used it was an active rest day. However, my body is definitely feeling the volume so I literally just did a 20min ab circuit.

The day before was my second run at the dips, curls and shoulders. I supersetted the weighted dips with standing calf raises (using the weighted belt and weight already on my hips from the dips) on a flat disc edge and supersetted the incline curls with seated calf raises (DBs on the knees) also on a disc edge. I kept the same weight for both as last time as the dips were really tough the time before. I had planned to up the biceps curls weight, but someone else had the DBs I needed so I stuck to the same as last time…I’m thankful I did, it was really hard. Whether that was the supersetting, or just general fatigue I don’t know, regardless, a tough, tough session.

As always, after the dips and curls came the shoulder raises. I always had weaker shoulders during my time in the Marines; more so as I concentrated on running and any resistance training I did was simply pull-ups and press-ups – little specific shoulder work. However, in recent years I’ve made a big effort to add some size and shape to my delts, hence this part of the session I love to hate! Love as I know how good these exercises are, hate, as they really are excruciating! I had the awesome Kate Braithwaite training me for this session (as much as I can push myself and train hard alone, there is still a little part of you that can be pushed harder and a top trainer like Kate always gets a little more out of me) and she pushed me through 3 sets of 15 reps then a final set of 12, 8, 5/6 respectively of rest/pause. Horrible… (the exercise, not Kate!)

So, the session looked like:

  1. Supersets of 10sets 10reps of weighted dips & standing calf raises. 1mins rest between dips (calves part of rest time)
  2. Supersets 10sets 10reps of incline Db curls & seated calf raises. 1mins rest between curls (calves part of rest time)
  3. Prone bench reverse flyes 3 sets 15 reps, 1 set of 2x rest/pause
  4. Inline Lateral raises 3 sets 15 reps, 1 set of 2x rest/pause

Yesterday’s active rest ab session was:

  1. Trisets (3 sets):
    1. A1. TRX rollout x 10
    2. A2. Olympic bar rotations x 10 (each side)
    3. A3. Olympic bar side bends x 10 (each side)
  2. Trisets (3 sets)
    1. B1. TRX rollouts x 10 (steeper than above)
    2. B2. Dragon lowers x 5
    3. B3. Wheel rollouts x 5
  3. 1 set of heavy cable curls x 10 to finish