August 30, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

Over the past five days I’ve continued with the Cyclone Challenge GVT sessions as expected. The Bank Holiday weekend didn’t cause too many hiccups other than I had to switch the day 1 and day 2 sessions around due to gym access. On paper this shouldn’t have caused too much difference, but for some reason my body seemed to think it did!

So, after a rest day (which included a 4hr drive from London to Exeter) instead of doing the chest & back session, I did the legs session. This consisted of supersets of squats (increased by 2.5kg again) and calf raises, obviously 10sets of 10reps with 1min rest between. As usual, this knocked me sideways and my kit was so wet it looked like I’d been for a swim, however, I moved on to 10sets of 10reps of seated leg curls followed by 4 sets of leg ext. Although tough, the leg curl didn’t touch the squats, but the leg ext, probably due to the increase in weight from previous sessions, was really tough.

The next day, instead of the normal post leg day rest day, I had the infamous chin-ups & DB press. Having added a little weight to a weighted belt the time before, and not having access to one that day, I thought this session would be a little easier. I was wrong! Both the chins and the DB presses were really tough. The 1min rest on the chins just seemed to disappear! Still, a good session under the belt and a rest day to look forward too!

I used the rest day as an active rest day and after a 4hr journey back to London, did a TRX ab/core session in the park with two friends. Some cheeky DOMS ensued over the next couple of days.

For the dips and curls session, I upped the dips from my weighted belt to a weighted vest. This was tougher than I expected. Even though it was only 1kg more, the weight through the shoulders instead of around the waist made things hard. I got through the 10sets, but on 8 and 9 I had to take a 3 second count between the 8th and 9th reps to complete the sets. As always, the 1min rest was the killer. Biceps were good, I used the same weight as the session before and struggled less than last time. Maybe an increase again in the next rotation. Shoulders, along with prone reverse flyes, incline lat raise, I added seated facepulls. DOMS were again prevalent the following day!

The rest day was taken in full in preparation for the week to come, especially after the change in order which meant my upper body was really feeling it. I’m enjoying the gVT but finding it’s definitely taking its toll. I’m looking forward to a complete rest week in a couple of weeks time!