September 5, 2013In Cyclone ChallengeBy Sean Lerwill5 Minutes

I’m now into the final rotation. But before moving on, a quick look back at this last, penultimate 3 sessions.

I think what is great about GVT, is that although each and every session is absolutely horrendous, (or at least becomes so, as you push the weight sup, but stick to the rest times and tempo. Although things seem pretty manageable over the first few rotations, the weights soon jump up!) I find that the session go through a full rotation very quickly. With only 3 sessions to every 5 days, there’s a great amount of active rest, so it doesn’t feel too bad, even though before and during the sessions, I literally feel like I did back in Commando Training under the watchful eye of (now England Rugby Strength and Conditioning coach) Tweety Silvester.

This last rotation, I took the DB presses up by another 2kg each, This, after the chin-ups was hard, and I had to drop the slight incline on the DB presses to flat after 5sets to ensure I could complete the 10sets. Subsidiary wise, close grip cable row and incline cable curls finished me off, Surprisingly the DOMS really hit the triceps the next day. I was just praying they’d ease up before the dips day!

I completely admit to being in absolute bits at the end of legs session the following day. We (myself and Women’s Fitness’ own Kate Braithwaite) visited EasyGym on Oxford Street for the first time to complete our 10sets of 10reps of squats, supersetted with 10sets of 10reps of standing calf raise, before hitting one of the four lying hamstring curl Precor machine to do 10 sets of 10 reps. By the time I’d finished the squats and calf raise supersets (up by 2.5kg from last time) I was literally a soaking wet, almost destroyed little boy! the extra weight, while again sticking to the 4010 and 1min rest was so hard. Maybe a little less sleep than normal, i’m not sure, but really tough. During the leg curl I just sat, rested and drank water between sets. I find GVT funny that way, you just get through the first 5 sets, seriously wondering how you will get to 10, but once 5 comes and you are onto 6, it almost feels easier… the human mind is a funny thing. Last was 3 sets of 12 leg extension with the last set having two drop sets and finally 3 sets of leg press calf extension with two drop sets at the end of the last set.

I hobbled to the showers (which were poor to be fair) and forced my cyclone and banana down. For about 30-40mins I felt pretty rough. Once I’d eaten a decent meal however, I was far better… just dreading the DOMS that session would bring. The rest day due was definitely needed.

We returned to EasyGym as we’d really liked the multiple kit, lots of space and hoped that on a Sunday morning it would be pretty quiet… it was. I did the dips with a 16kg kettlebell instead of the 16kg weighted vest from the week before. As discussed in my Maximuscle Youtube video, I found the weighted dips with the vest very different to using a weighted belt and hence wanted to return to the belt. I find it gives more freedom to the shoulders (and remind me less of Commando belt kit!). Dips were tough as usual, but manageable apart from a couple of pauses shared between sets 9 and 10.

The weights are was empty, so I had the pick of Dbs for the curls. We also had some incline sit-up benches, so supersetted incline curls with incline rotational sit-ups for some abs (as not done with legs, and rest day was a complete rest!). I went up by 1kg each DB, which wasn’t as tough as I’d thought! Prone raises and incline lat raises with drop sets finished me off.

Again sodden by the end, and again well worked from GVT a cyclone shake was a well-earned sweetness at the end of a tough session.

One more rotation to go…!