April 6, 2016In Paul's JourneyBy Paul Cocker5 Minutes

It’s been a bit of time since I last chucked a blog out and various reasons why I haven’t been as productive I guess but mainly just good old life getting in the way (yes I admit that’s a feeble excuse)

Anyway besides the above excuse I generally was struggling to find something that I thought was moderately readable or vaguely interesting. So this will have to do and I fear it might be a bit hit and miss topically but stick with me….

Finding solutions for yourself and your goals”

Well recently I have defiantly hit a neglectful period of going to the gym… This I will attempt to explain with two reasons and for one I have just felt burnt out at work and with studying on top of this and then adding to that there are serious road works on my route to the gym.

Ok so that might raise a few eyebrows and get some tuts of “you just aren’t committed enough” and where there may be a tiny element of truth in that it’s also just how life goes at times as I have said in previous blogs.

So what have I done to remedy this flat spot ?

I thought logically about it and decided to find a new gym to go to. Now that might seem drastic but my reasoning for that is my previous journey time to the gym after a nine-hour physical work day took me 15-20 minutes… With the traffic congestion now (and for 16 more months of this) it takes 45-60 minutes. This just is not sustainable for me to have a life and sucks the fun out of looking forward to a work out and I lose motivation sat in my car creeping a metre every few minutes.

Now I’ve come to the decision to join by far the most expensive option I have looked at over the past few weeks… Yes I’m joining my local David Lloyd….

Bare with me.

Ok so my reasoning for this is its on my way home as opposed to the opposite side of the city so this makes it way easier to stay motivated.

Also a HUGE factor for me is that I am buying into my own commitment because to make it anywhere cost-effective I will need to go regularly during the week and when I break it down to a per session thought process it translates as just over the price of a pint of premium lager (ish) or a takeaway. So for me I’m making a committed investment in my own health and well-being.

The final thing that swung it for me was my partner wants to start her own health journey but is lacking in confidence to go start on her own, so combined with the promise of sauna’s and jacuzzi’s after a good work out she agreed to a couple’s membership.

Obviously I think this is awesome and will be supporting her all the way and get to spend more time with her as opposed to me vanishing off to the gym on my lonesome but for me and I know Shaun and Damian (muscle maven) all share a common interest in helping people get confidence in themselves and a healthy sustainable life style and have spent time putting our collective heads together to look at opportunities to do this on a larger scale so folks all I’m saying is watch this space (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram included)

I genuinely think what we have between us in our metaphorical slow cooker is going to turn out to be AWESOME and an amazing opportunity for us to reach out and help people and on the flip side of that an equally amazing chance for people to benefit from our passion and knowledge.

So keep those eyes peeled and be ready to use the 3C’s method from the last blog!!

Take care people.