January 11, 2013In ReviewsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Sean Lerwill's FatGripz

I used a set of Fat Gripz for the first time yesterday. After my latest Men’s Fitness shoot at UP Fitness I noticed a few sets having never actually seen them. They seemed like a good quality piece of kit, so I ordered a set over the Internet. They arrived swiftly, so my session yesterday was a biceps only session (I’ll post it later) which is very unlike me, but I wanted to try them out properly.

Even tough I have pretty big hands for my size anyway, these made a real difference. My forearms really had to work overtime during all movements. The tempo of my training session meant my eccentric portion was 4secs so this put even more pressure on the grip.

Overall, a great product: well made, good price and (hopefully) very effective.