October 14, 2015In TrainingBy Kate Braithwaite4 Minutes

Hi! I’m Kate. I’m going to be putting a few pieces together for Sean’s site and YouTube channel to help get some of the more female specific info across. I’ve known Sean for 5 years now; learnt from him, trained with him and pretty much shaped my physical training and nutrition around what he’s taught me.

I’m an actress, model and dancer, and as such have had a good and bad relationship with exercise and food over the years; probably like most women. When I first met Sean I had pretty much finished dancing because of knee injuries and had found myself pushing modelling and acting far more. Without necessarily realising it, I had become really skinny in the process. I wasn’t entirely happy in life and therefore I think controlling my figure became a real focus. As an actress and model you have very little control over your career so with other parts of my life being a little wayward as well, exercising hard with my best friend and living off sweets, nuts and coffee became my way forward. I’m not going to go into details here, as I think I can come back to this another time, but let’s just say meeting Sean helped me get through this.

Sean helped me train more sensibly; using resistance and weights routines as well as running for my training. He helped me eat decent meals rather than snacking on the go, especially post training and thus helped me gain some muscle and repair my metabolism. The problem was, after a year or so, I was too muscly for what I liked. I was getting compliments in the gym; girls would come up and asked if I was a competitor and saying they wanted to get into it. I could do sets of 5 long arm pull-ups and could even do weighted pull-ups! Yes this all helped build my self-esteem and a metabolism that meant I could eat far more healthily and still keep my body fat low, but, I wasn’t really happy.

I guess the main thing I have learned and want to pass on is the idea of creating that happy medium between wanting the body you are happy with, and being healthy. Being thin and lean (not everyone’s goals but they are my own) is possible whilst still being healthy and happy. I have learnt that it helps to make your goals become your way of life with small changes here and there, making them easy to adapt to and very quickly a habit and routine so that it never feels like you are depriving yourself or having to be a crazed gym nut who does nothing but eat, sleep and breathe exercise. It also means that you can go and meet your friends for dinner and not have to worry about what you are having. So hopefully I can pass on the tips I have found useful, and they may make your life easier too!