November 27, 2011In ActingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Over the last two weeks I’ve been a little slack blog/writing wise, but I can’t take all the blame, it has been a really busy couple of weeks. For three days last week and two days this week I was working with an awesome team, a team which collectively calls themselves FourPointFilms.


FourPointFilms is made up of four guys, Adrian, Dom, Nick and Ray who between them write, direct, film, shoot, sound record, produce, edit and score short films. The guys approached me to work with them on an (as yet) untitled short film. The script was really cool, and completely centred around the one main character, Ben, with only one other (female character), who the lovely Kate Braithwaite has agreed to play.

Early starts, late nights, long drives (to Boston, Lincolnshire), Travel Lodges, half finished houses, no water or electricity, car alarms, coffees, electric saws, Hampstead Heath, hecklers (well, one idiot heckler), Camden, antique furniture stores and bright (bright!) lights, all came together to produce what will hopefully be a really wicked little short.

A huge thanks to the efforts of the Fantastic Four from four point films, I can’t wait to see the finish product. Keep an eye out on this blog for some stills from the film which should be up over the next few days.