March 2, 2012In Personal TrainingBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Sean Lerwill with George St. Pierre

Working at The Third Space certainly has its pros: the hypoxic chamber, nike clothing and meeting some pretty well respected people in the health and fitness industry.

I started Martial Arts when I was about 7 years old. I won my first trophy in 1989 and am an avid UFC/MMA fan, so when UFC Welterweigth champion George St. Pierre (GSP) came in for a training session, I had to say hello.

George made good use of the lifting platform, performing cleans and snatches, working on his power and explosiveness, which has become such a trademark of his winning ways.

To find out more about George, check out his website: George St. Pierre

GSP really is someone to look up to in the physical fitness world. His dedication to every aspect of MMA, from wrestling to BJJ, to Muay Thai and most importantly (yet so readily forgotten by many an MMA athlete), strength and conditioning. I would go so far as to say, that George’s strength and conditioning is by far the best across all fighters.

Arguably the best pound for pound fighter the world has ever seen (although some people would argue Anderson Silva, I disagree), George hasn’t let arrogance slip into his winning ways. His true persona and quiet confidence was something he tried to pass onto those he was coaching in The Ultimate Fighter when he was a coach along with Josh Koscheck. Again, showing his true colours as a modern professional and providing another reason why he is someone to look up to for anyone wanting to break into any professional sports.