Haynes Manuals

Sean’s first book, Royal Marine Fitness: a Physical Training Manual was “the highlight of Haynes’ publishing year” in 2010. The book has now been translated into Spanish and led to Sean having three further books published by Haynes: The Running Manual (2012), The Triathlon Manual (2013) and The Body Transformation Manual (2014). Sean has had his various books translated into seven different languages.

Sean has written numerous articles and supplements for Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Running, Outdoor Fitness, the Independent, Shortlist and the Guardian to name a few. HeĀ also wrote the very well received Men’s Fitness Magbook on using Commando fitness techniques to obtain a physique transformation over 12 weeks.

Haynes Running Manual by Sean Lerwill

Body Transformation Manual (2014)

Haynes Triathlon Manual by Sean Lerwill

Triathlon Manual (2013)

Haynes Running Manual by Sean Lerwill

Running Manual (2012)

Royal Marines Fitness: Physical Training Manual by Sean Lerwill

Royal Marines Fitness (2010)