June 21, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Today was a family BBQ to celebrate Kate’s birthday, so the timing of our HIIT training session couldn’t have been better. I vary my HIIT from short burst of 15-20seconds, up to longer bursts of 1min plus. Today, the session was couple with abs/core so I was keen to nail the HIIT early to allow for a decent abs session afterwards.

The session looked like:


Warm-up (5min run, slowly increasing speed)/mobilisation (leg swings)/dynamic stretches (squats, lunges, walking hamstring stretch) of the legs. Then the following on the treadmill:

  1. Tabata at 21kmp (20sec sprint/10sec stood on side x 8)
  2. 3min recovery jog
  3. Tabata at 21.5kmp (20sec sprint/10sec stood on side x 8)
  4. 2min recovery run at 16kmp


  1. Cable crunch 4sets 10reps, last set 2x rest/pause (10secs)
  2. Swissball jack-knife 2sets 10reps
  3. Reverse crunch 4sets 12reps, last set 2x rest/pause (10secs)
  4. Sit-up 4sets 10reps, last set 2x rest/pause (10secs)
  5. Side crunch on back extension kit 3sets 10reps each side 10reps
  6. Reserve rollouts (using foam roller under shins 2sets 10reps