June 1, 2015In TrainingBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

As it’s the end of May and therefore officially the start of the summer, I finally got outside for my first hill sprint session of the year (in the UK) yesterday. Being in Devon makes it all the easier (and better) to run along by the river and be out in the fresh air (compared to London).

Yesterday’s session was a simple one:

  • 15min slow run to warm up.
  • 4 x hills sprints (sprint up/jog down)
  • 5min slow run to next hill
  • 4 x hill sprints (sprint up/jog down)
  • 5-10min slow jog home.

I then completed the following superset for abs x4sets:

  1. Crunches with eccentric lower – 15reps
  2. Plank 30sec hold

If you like to go out for a run and find it better than going to the gym, utilise hill sprints to add some HIIT to your training. There are a whole host of benefits from pushing the body harder from sprinting up an incline as opposed to just running at a constant speed on the flat. Hill sprints will help with your fat burning goals, anaerobic goals, lactic threshold and muscle-building. They are also great if you are a sportsman/woman – whether rugby, football, rowing or running (or pretty much anything else) they’ll help with your fitness and power needs for your sport. Give them a go; the hill lengths don’t have to be too long at first and you don’t have to do too many reps. Just progress each session and try to better your previous. And if you like training with a partner; even better. You can race each other up the hill or take it in turns.