October 5, 2014In TrainingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Fitness is what this area of my site is all about. My personal training sessions, the training I provide for others and my advice/thoughts of fitness.

In my first book (Royal Marines Fitness: Physical Training ManualI explored the “Seven Components of Fitness”. Crossfitters will claim there are 12; I disagree. Anyway, very few people have all seven in abundance. Some have strength but lack the flexibility, or have the strength and flexibility but lack the endurance. I’ve always been inspired by ballet dancers, and to be honest, dancers in general. They seem to truly possess all seven components.

This lady not only has all seven of the components of fitness – she has beauty, elegance and that special spark we often find so hard to… you know… put into words.

This is Kate Braithwaite. I’m lucky enough to have her as a training partner, and when your training partner is capable of using their incredibly fit, strong, flexible and agile body in such a beautiful way it inspires me to do better.

Take a look at her in Charli Cohen’s She is – Episode 1. It won’t disappoint.