October 24, 2011In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

iPhoneI’d had my 3gs for a while and had been waiting for the new phone to replace the iPhone 4 for ages.

Yes, we all would’ve liked an iPhone 5, but as Miss. B said, at least the iPhone 4s is going to be a better (all glitches fixed) version of the iPhone 4.

Well it is. It’s awesome. My iPhone addiction has been re-invigorated, the App store has once again become somewhere to waste time, and my tube journeys are once again made easier with musc and movies on my phone, not to mention Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and other magazines – all in the palm of my hand.

If you don’t have an iPhone, buy a 4s. If you have a iPhone 3 or 3gs, upgrade to this, it’s awesome. If you do have one, ask Siri, “how to hide a dead body”, show his/her (I prefer the American female to the English male – can’t think why!) response to your friends, if it doesn’t convince your friends to buy one, get some new friends.