October 30, 2011In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

On Thursday Miss B. did her first shoot (of what should be many to come) for sister company and leading female nutrition and supplement provider, Maxitone!Maxitone logo

Not that I’m biased on either side, but Miss B. and Maxitone make a great partnership.

The shoot was based around a series of home workout web videos that will be available soon, to help women exercise at home, and combined with a healthy diet and Maxitone products, lose weight and obtain a healthy figure.

Kate Braithwaite at Snap Studios for the Maxitone shootThe shoot took place in Snap Studios near Old Street, a great location, with an incredible back drop. The videos are all around 10mins long and vary from leg focused exercises, to upper body focused, “bums and tums”, and cardiovascular – with nothing more needed than some small dumbbells and a mat. Kate looked great as I’m sure you’ll agree and is a great advertisement for Maxitone, even more so, as like myself for Maximuscle, she actually uses the products. Kate is a big sculptress bar and sculptress whey fan, eating at least one sculptress bar a day and using sculptress whey after exercise to help her keep her toned athletic figure by eating 5 or 6 small “meals” a day.

It was a great shoot, with Kate ensuring perfect form in every exercise, despite having to redo the takes a few times due to pneumatic drilling outside – she admitted to a few DOMs from some of the aerobics style dancer glute/leg exercises yesterday. Maxitone also let us both try the NEW Sculptress bar, which is now very different from the men’s Maximuscle Diet Promax Bar (they used to be very similar). It literally tastes like a Mars Icecream bar! Go and try one for yourself.