December 7, 2015In Royal MarinesBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

Last minute PRMC training, or “Panic Phys” as I’ve heard it called, is essentially something people do in the last ten days to two weeks before a PRMC as they haven’t done the necessary work before that point. I’m often asked what I would advise for someone at this stage; what can someone do to increase their chances to pass the PRMC when they haven’t had “time” to train for 3-4months, and so want a magic answer with a couple of weeks to go.

My advice here is three fold:

1. Put your PRMC back

There is no magic answer. There is no last minute phys sessions that will make you Pass the PRMC superbly when you haven’t conditioned your body to do what it will be asked to do. If there was, don’t you think everyone would just to that? Equally, RM training could be made shorter as the Corps would just have everyone do that “magic” training for a couple of weeks and off they go.

2. Have a little word with yourself

Do you really want to join the Corps? But you haven’t trained. It obviously doesn’t mean much to you if you’re now doing “panic phys”. You either want to be a Commando and wear a green beret, and hence you’ll work your arse off to get there. Or you don’t and you’re not serious. If something is important you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you won’t.

3. Think about how it looks

If I was commanding or working with a team of Marines and each was given a task, even if it was to keep/get fit; and one of them didn’t do it, how would that look to the rest of the team? Like he’s unprofessional? Like he doesn’t care? What if his inability to prepare his kit or himself puts others in danger. You have to remember, this isn’t going to work at Marks and Spencer’s. This isn’t working at a bank. It’s a life and death job. Turning up to a PRMC having done “panic phys” because you couldn’t find the time to do a full programme will do nothing more than waste the MoDs money on your train to Lympstone and get you a free ride home without an invite back.

This post may sound harsh, but my attitude is the same as the instructors at CTCRM who will testing you. The PJFT was brought in to save time wasters taking up spaces for lads who are serious about joining the Royal Marines. If you’ve changed your mind, fine, tell your AFCO and don’t go to Lympstone. If for a legitimate reason like: family issues/death of a loved one or an injury, simply tell the AFCO and have your PRMC put back. No-one will think badly of you, to be honest they won’t even remember. It is far better to do that than turn up to a PRMC off the back of 2 weeks of “Panic Phys” which will probably fatigue you anyway, and do really poorly; fail and be sent home never to be asked back.

A simple, short and to the point blog this time. However, I hope it gets the message across. If you hear of lads on blogs and forums speaking about last minute PRMC training, please send them here to read this.