July 12, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Yesterday Kate and I joined Damian Murray at new Exeter gym Peak Performance for a leg session. Damo is still one of my best online transformations (not a single 1:1 training session during his training with me) to date, and if you Google body transformation and look at Google images, he is still the one of the first images

Damian Murray's body transformation by Sean Lerwill

The Peak gym itself is well equipped, spacious, clean changing and toilet facilities and a really friendly staff. A great addition to Exeter who has needed something like this for a while.

There were so many top pieces of kit to choose from – Nautilus, Cybex, Precor to name a few. Pieces of kit I’d never even seen before to hit every muscle from every angle – a real bodybuilders mecca.

For some reason we decided to hit the squat rack despite the abundance of different machines, before moving on to some different apparatus. I either went to hard on the first two exercises (actually, I think it may just have been the squats!) or the heat in the gym got to me, as I felt sick from about 20mins in onwards! Still, it was a good session, great to catch up with Damo, try a new gym and be shown up on legs day by a mate and my girlfriend!

The session looked like:

Warm-up: light squats, mobility, band glute activation.

  • 1a. Squats. 15reps. 3030. 4sets. Last set rest/pause x 2.
  • 1b. Seated calf raise. 10-12reps. 3030. 4sets.
  • 2. Hack squat. 12reps. 3020. 3 sets
  • 3. Leg ext. 12reps. 3030. 3 sets. Last set 2 x drops sets (1plate each drop).
  • 4. Glute kickback machine. 12reps. 2020. 3sets.
  • 5. Oblique twist machine. 12reps. 2020. 3sets.

Short and sharp, but plenty of sweat and enough to earn an awesome burger at HubBox in Exeter.