July 15, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Sean Lerwill's Maximuscle coverAfter the 4hr drive back from Exeter to London on Monday, Kate and I couldn’t wait to get into the gym and blow some cobwebs away. We were joined by one of my clients and smashed a leg session between the three of us.

The session looked like:

Warm-up: bodyweight squats, glute bridges and lower back mobility. Light reps of kettlebell swings and leg press.

  • 1a. Leg press. 5sets. 3030. 6-8reps.
  • 1b. Leg press calf ext. 5sets. 3030. 6-8reps.
  • 1c. Kettlebell swings 10reps.
  • 2. Leg press. 3 sets. 3030 of reverse pyramids: 3reps, 5reps, 7reps, 9reps (starting as heavy as possible dropping 2plates between sets)
  • 3. Single leg leg press. 3sets. 3030. 6-8reps.
  • 4a. Seated leg curls. 3sets. 3030. 10-12reps
  • 4b. Kettlebell sumo squats. 3sets 3030. 10-12reps
  • 5a. Leg extension. 3sets. 3030. 10-12reps.
  • 5b. Sissy squats. 3sets. 2020. 10-12reps.
  • 6. Walking kettlebell lunges. 3sets. 20reps. Last set supersetted with 20 kettlebell swings.

For the record, my glutes aren’t happy today!