Legs – 26th Sept 2013

Sean Lerwill (Credit: snhfoto)

All 40X0 tempo, 60-90sec rest:

    1. Squats 4 sets 9-11reps
    2. Deadlifts 4 sets 9-11reps
    3. Leg Ext 3 sets 9-11reps
    4. Leg Ext 10sec rest/pause set 10reps, 6reps, 4 reps
    5. Leg Curl 3 sets 9-11reps
    6. Leg Curl 10sec rest/pause set 10reps, 6reps, 4 reps
    7. Leg Press Calf Ext 6 sets 9-11reps
    8. Single Leg Leg Press 2 sets (each leg) 9-11reps
    9. Leg Press Calf Ext 10sec rest/pause 10, 6, 4

Sean Lerwill - Author

Sean is an former-Royal Marines Commando Officer & Physical Training Instructor. He has been published as a writer five times, has a BSc in Molecular Genetics and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is also a Maximuscle ambassador.

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