August 5, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minute

Sean Lerwill's Maxifuel posterSunday I usually train with one of my clients. This week was no different. It was leg day, but a main part of his training is variation so I decided to change it up: lots of volume and a bit of a change in the order of exercises.

The session looked like this:

Warm-up: light versions of leg curl and bodyweight squats.

  • Lying leg curl. 6sets. 3030. 10reps.
  • Seated leg curl. 4sets. 3030. 10reps.
  • 3a. Leg extension. 5sets. 3030. 10reps.
  • 3b. Kneeling jump squats. 5sets. 3030. 5reps.
  • 4a. Leg extension. 5sets. 3030. 10reps.
  • 4b. Sissy squat. 5sets. 3030. 10reps.
  • Kettlebell walking lunges. 3sets. 20reps (alt).
  • Seated calf raise. 4sets. 3030. 12reps. Last set 2 x rest/pause sets.