January 16, 2016In Paul's JourneyBy Paul Cocker6 Minutes


We all have one and the things that fill it everyday will always have an impact on it, sometimes positive and sometimes not so positive but that is just the way it is.

We have to adapt to most things in life be it work, money, family, even hobbies and interests. But what happens when one interferes with another?

Well this kind of happened to me the last few months of 2015 !

Now I’m not going to moan or make excuses but for one reason or another work started to take its toll on me and I started to feel like I was spreading myself too thinly in many areas of my life and I started to find it a struggle to muster up the motivation I previously had in abundance (most of the time). This mainly concerned the gym and my ability to really commit to each session and it started to really get into my head that I was “slacking off” and no one wants to lose all those hard-earned GAINZZZZ do they ?

My days resembled this pattern

  • 5:45 am – wake up and get ready for the day (shower/breakfast/drive to work)
  • 7 am – 1645 – work

Repeat 5 days like a normal person. I work quite an emotionally and physically draining job that I do ENJOY but for various reasons it has felt harder work recently. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not making excuses or trying to say I work harder than the average person I am just saying personally I hit a kind of wall in terms of my motivation to leave work face the rush hour traffic and get to the gym and give 100%.

So what am I trying to say here?

Well what I’m getting to is the fact its super easy to start beating yourself up about things and this is one of the main issues that bugs me because it is not necessary and once you start feeling emotionally obliged to drag yourself to the gym then I feel this is where a lot of people go wrong and then the temptation to just quit totally starts looking appealing.

You can fit pretty much all you want to do with your day into 24 hours.

Yes it will be tough some days.

Yes you will have to prioritize.

Yes you will have to make sacrifices.

Yes you might be tired at the end of the day but then think of the good sleep you will get (positive thoughts).

So what did I do ?

I made peace with the fact I was struggling to get myself to the gym 4-5 times a week and I ADAPTED my training!

I did more at home and looked in Tabata push ups or sit ups and various other body weight HIIT sessions and used them to replace the gym and give myself a break from beating myself up or feeling guilty that I wasn’t down the gym as much as the previous 18 months. Sometimes a break and letting yourself off some self-imposed pressure is a life saver so if you find yourself in this position just take a step back, breathe and find a way around the road block and carry on your merry way!!

One thing I did maintain was the good nutritious food I consumed. I made sure I didn’t slip back into old habits and by doing that even over the Christmas period I have managed to stay in the same shape I was. If you put a few pounds on or you feel like your fitness has back tracked just take control and start again.

I let my hair down a few times and had a few nights out and nursed a few hang overs. I also went out for a few nice over indulgent meals with good company.

Do I feel guilty? Hell no!

Please remember, I’m not a cover model nor am I aspiring to step on stage for a flex! Just your average bloke trying to lead a balanced life style.

The point of this post I guess is to try to help people understand that life and your focus will change at times but you don’t need to let it get you down or think you are failing. Just step back, take a breath and remember this is meant to be enjoyable (most of the time), so if you need to change things up to get your mojo back then just do it!!

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope 2016 is a great year for everyone out there !!