April 10, 2012In TransformationsBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

A big thanks and good luck to journalist Matthew Jenkin who has started on a “perfect body” training programme and diet. Someone actually found his article and sent it to me. It’s a great complement to be his inspiration as a Maximuscle ambassador and to have him show my image as to how he hopes to look at the end of his challenge.

Matthew Jenkin and Sean Lerwill

I’ll be honest, since becoming a Maximuscle ambassador I have had my fair share of positive and negative comments, which as anyone who puts themselves into the public eye will tell you, is something you have to come to expect.

Like anyone, I also look up to others in my line of work: those that inspire me to push myself and aim higher, like Rob Riches, Olly Foster and Obi Obadike. Sadly, I’ve noticed that even these people, who are at the top of their game, suffer from negativity just as I have. It’s so important to remember, we all have our flaws, be it our height, our smiles, our asymmetry, a slight disproportion or the fact that we cannot take a good photo every single time! It just seems that no matter what we do, someone will always want to pick a hole in it.

So, again, a huge thanks to Matthew, I sincerely hope he manages to get the physique he wants, and if anyone else out there is working towards what they consider to be the perfect aesthetic physique, let me know if I can be of any help advising.