December 1, 2011In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

As late as it is after the event, I’d like to say a few words about my little (24hr) sprint over to Milan with Maximuscle this month.

Sean Lerwill in Milan for Maximuscle

It was a great little trip, pretty smooth in terms of travel, flights, taxis and accommodation. We were there to speak to the Italian press, namely Men’s Health Italy, For Men (Men’s Health competitor in Italy) among others. We were joined by the strength and conditioning coach for Italian Rugby team Benetton Treviso, who are currently sponsored by Maximuscle. Along with myself speaking for Maximuscle, we had Silvio Simac, Mark Morgan from Maxinutrition and Maxinutrition nutritionist Sharmaine Davis.

Obviously our biggest hurdle was the fact that in Italy, sports nutrition, especially when spoken about in conjunction with professional rugby players, is simply seen as something for people who want to get big muscles! Italian fashion, Italian football, Italian food: anything classically Italian is far from this. They don’t want big muscles. When talking I concentrated on how I used supplements when in the Marines to stop my body eating itself during long endurance based events, and how I use them to keep my body fat low, muscle tone high, but without growing any bigger. I also used female examples, including Miss. B, as to how supplementation can help anyone. By eating 5/6 meals a day, which include Maxi shakes and bars, a low body fat, high muscle tone, and exercising regularly, the “perfect” figure can be obtained.

A big thanks to everyone involved for a truly enjoyable trip, especially my fellow travellers, and especially Jo from KTBPR for organising us all!