November 29, 2011In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

If you look at the Maximuscle website at the moment, you might see a recognisable face! Not only that, with the little cookies they add to adverts that reflect your interests, you may see it on other sites like Facebook, YouTube, in fact, any website you visit with adverts!

I must say, it was an honour to be asked to be a sponsored ambassador/sports model/trainer for the UKs no. 1 sports nutrition brand. Not only do Maximuscle supply me with a wide variety of supplements, training gear and support, but they also use me as a spokesperson (hence my recent visit to Milan) and sports model to help spread the word about their excellent products.

To be featured on the website so heavily is great, I feel like I’m earning my sponsorship but also think it has encouraged my friends, family and clients to look at their eating habits, perhaps change them slightly in terms of meal timings and quantities, and for a few, to start adding supplements from the Maxinutrition range.

Sean Lerwill on the MaxiNutrition website

A big thanks to everyone at Maximuscle and KTBPR.