June 9, 2012In Personal TrainingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Yesterday saw 40 Amateur rugby players (and a handful of journalists) have the chance to train at Twickenham and undergo the England Rugby fitness tests under a team of Maximuscle Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

Sean Lerwill at Twickenham for Maximuscle's Like A Pro day

I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of those coaches. I started on the strength tests, where I looked after one of the 1 Rep Max squat stations, along with the 1RM pull-up station, 1RM bench press and sergent jump.

I was then asked to help time the stamina shuttle run test, which was gruelling to say the least. A massive thanks to Maximuscle and Twickenham/England Rugby on behalf of those taking part, for giving the chance to some of the talent of the future. I was particularly impressed by a couple of Loughborough Uni students cranking out 170kg squats.