September 28, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

After Ped did Day 9 on his own: a simple GVT session of incline dumbbell press and inverted row, 10 sets of 10 reps with 60sec rest between sets, we picked up with Day 10 last Tuesday.

After a few days off due to shoots in New York and Oxford and the travelling required between them, Ped was well rested and keen to train hard. We started the week with this intense leg session:

Warm-up of various body weight leg exercises and dynamic stretches. The following was then performed with 60sec rest between sets.

  1. Squat 40kg WU set then: 60kg 12reps, 65kg 12reps , 70kg 10reps, 9reps and a final set of 8reps. We then dropped to 60kg for 8reps and 2 x 10sec rest/pause sets to failure.
  2. Glute bridge 60kg x 10reps, 10reps, 10reps then a rest/pause set of 10sec for 10reps/6reps/4reps.
  3. Leg press 85kg 12reps, 95kg 12reps, 12reps, 90kg 12reps.
  4. Single Leg Leg press 20kg 7reps each leg, 8reps each leg, 8reps each leg then eccentric dropsets (pushing out with 2 legs and lowering with one) 5reps each leg.
  5. Leg curl 35kg 15reps, 15reps.
  6. Finisher: using Tabata timings we did TRX jumps squats. After 3.5 rounds Ped’s legs were at the point of exhaustion so we changed to TRX squats and stopped at the end of round 4.

Another great performance by Ped. His technique at the various exercises and ability to keep to the required 3010 tempo has improved no end since we started 4 weeks ago. Not to mention the increased loads we are using, meaning both his strength and confidence has also sky rocketed. Very pleased so far.