October 5, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Apologies for the late addition of Ped’s 13th session for this Men’s Fitness Training programme. Last week turned into an incredibly busy one for me. I even had to get Kate Braithwaite to cover one of our session.

Anyway, Ped continues to go from strength to strength, we even got a few figures this week in terms of weight loss (fat loss) and things are progressing nicely.

Anyway, after the tough leg session on Friday (DTP squats) session 13 was an upper body only session, however, we are now at a stage where we can split Ped’s upperbody sessions, so this was a push day with a pull day planned for session 14 with Kate.

As we have so far, we tried to progress things, upping the weights and trying to push the intensity.

The session looked like:

Warm-up on rower for 2min
Dynamic stretches

  1. Tabata sprints on rower (Ped’s not a fan, but he works very hard nonetheless!)
  2. Bench press 40kg 10reps, 10reps, 8reps, 8reps into press up on side of the bench for 8reps then bench press with 20kg bar for 10
  3. Overhead press into push press
    25kg 4reps overhead press, 4reps push press,
    Push press 8reps
    Push press 8reps
    Overhead press 20kg 6reps, push press 2reps
  4. Incline chest press 14kg 8reps, 10reps, 9reps into dropsets 10kg 5reps, 8kg 10reps
  5. Pec flyes 8kg 10reps, 10reps, 10reps dropsets 6kg 10reps
  6. Band supported dips – to failure x 2
  7. Dumbbell shoulder press 7kg 12reps,
    8kg 8reps, 8reps, 8reps into dropsets 6kg 6reps, 5kg 8reps.

A good session from Ped. No niggles from the push work and a good sweat maintained through the session from the introduction of the Tabata on the ergo at the start.