October 7, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

I found Ped jogging on the treadmill at the start of this session. I’m sure it was in the vain hope that we would do Tabata sprints on the treadmill instead of the rower. He was wrong. We quickly moved to the rower for a 2min warm-up before a set of tabata.

Ped had had a weekend of rest but had hit the gym on his own both days for a bit of mobility and had sneakily added some bench press and leg press; nothing too heavy, he just felt like doing something. A really good sign in that five weeks ago Ped would’ve chosen a run over forms of resistance exercise if he “felt like exercising”. Another sure sign of the positive impact our training is having on Ped.

As promised, this week is going to consist mainly of supersets and this session comprised of pushes and biceps. Ped did well with the extra time spent training as opposed to single set exercises, but admitted that he found it tough. As usual he stuck with it, gritted his teeth and did the Men’s Fitness team proud.

Day 16 looked like:

Tabata sprints on the rower, then…

  1. Supersets of
    1. Bench 40kg 10reps, 10reps, 10reps, 8reps, 8reps
    2. Hammer curls 10reps, 10reps, 10reps, 10reps, 9reps
  2. Supersets of
    1. Overhead/push press 25kg 6 overhead reps into 4push press reps, 8 push press, 22.5kg 6over into 4push, 6over into 4 push.
    2. Barbell curl 15kg 10reps, 10reps, 10reps, 10reps, 10reps
  3. Supersets of
    1. Incline press 14kg 10, 10, 10
    2. Spider curl 6kg 10, 10, 10

As always, we kept the tempo slow and controlled at around 3010. Ped’s rest were kept to 60secs throughout all sets and exercises except for the last set on the first two exercises where we extended it to 90seconds.