October 15, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

Friday was my 19th session with Ped and saw us at the end of week 6, giving us just 4 more weeks of training. In the past, whenever I did a 12 week or 14 to 16 week plus transformation with people, I would give them a 4-7 day rest period after week 6.

For a lot of people new to training, and more specifically resistance training, it’s a big shock to the body to go into 3 or 4 days a week for week after week. It’s common to pick up niggles and even catch a cold/flu type illness as the immune system takes a bit of a dive as the body struggles to cope with the added stresses of training as well as normal life.

As Ped’s diet has been so good (big thanks to Soulmatefood) I wasn’t worried too much about him becoming ill, however, he is still someone who has gone from no real weights training to a full on 3-4 days a week plus interval sessions. The plan over the weekend, after this 19th session was for Ped to use the ergo for some intervals, however, after a Saturday off his hip (an old operation site) was hurting, so we took Sunday and Monday off. Although only 3days off, and more because his body told us than we planned it, it just shows that 6week rest period I used to put in can be needed by some, if not most.

Anyway, before his 3 day rest weekend, Ped and I put him through a nice compound superset session. The big movements used as supersets meant he was nicely out of breath and working for longer than he had been used to previously. Now he is capable of doing such supersets, these will hopefully (as studies have indicated) help burn more fat and build more muscle.

The session looked like:

Rower: warm-up 2min
Tabata row 8 sets 20sec on, 10sec off.

  1. Supersets
    1. Bench press 40kg 12, 11, 10, 9, 2mins rest 12
    2. Inverted row 12, 11, 10, 9, 8rest2rest2
  2. Supersets
    1. Incline dumbbell row 14kg DB 12, 12, 16kg 12, 12,  10rest2
    2. Overhead press/push press 22.5kg 10/2, 8/3, 7/3, 7/3, 8/4
  3. Supersets
    1. Pressup stands/on knees 6/6, 6/6, 10/2, normal pressup 10
    2. Cable row 36.25kg 12, 38.75kg 12, 41.25kg 12, 43.75kg 12

A well-earned rest weekend for Ped lay ahead, even if he didn’t know it. He’ll admit himself he felt tired in this session and it was probably his most lacking in motivation – not so much that he didn’t to be there or didn’t want to do the session, it was far more subtle than that and something as a trainer I experience with clients all the time. It’s something that once you get to know someone, you can sense by the way they move, approach the exercises etc. Often it can be down to a lack of sleep, a problem at work or an argument at home. In this case, I think it was simply that Friday feeling and the remnants of a hard week training. Again, another reason why a three day rest weekend (and that normal week 6 rest week) can be so important.