September 2, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Ped and I continued his 10week transformation today, with a teach and first upperbody session.

As for the lowerbody session, today was kept at a lower intensity to ensure good form was learned while simultaneously learning to work at a controlled tempo ensuring time under tension.

Today’s session looked like:

  1. Bench press warm-up and technique teach then 30kg for 10reps 1 sets, 35kg 10reps for 2sets and a final set of 35kg 5reps then a drop to 30kg 4reps. All at 3020 tempo.
  2. TRX inverted row warm-up and technique teach at easy incline, then 10reps, 8reps (and 2 further reps 1 foot back from original point), 5reps (and 4 further reps 1 foot back from original point). All at 3020 tempo.
  3. Overhead press warm-up and teach then 20kg 10reps, 10reps, 8reps. All at 3020 tempo.
  4. Inverted row on bar warm-up and technique teach then 10reps, 8reps, 7reps rest/pause 10seconds 3reps. All at 3020 tempo.
  5. Incline DB press warm-up and teach via pyramid of 6-12kg dumbbell 10reps each. All at 3020 tempo.
  6. Band chin-ups 10reps, 10reps, 10reps. All at 3020 tempo.

As a finisher we used the battle ropes to do sets of 10reps, 20reps and 30reps of double waves and alternate waves. As expected, Ped’s heart rate was up at the end and the arms/upperbody feeling a little jelly like.

As stated previously, we aren’t hitting it hard just yet. We’re only utilising dropsets/rest/pause sets when a necessity. At the moment the aim of the sessions is to introduce the exercises that will be paramount to the forthcoming weeks, ensure Ped has the techniques nailed and get him used to exercise without causing injury.

A really good first two session for this Men’s Fitness transformation. A well-earned rest for Ped tomorrow before another leg session and our first photoshoot on Thursday.