October 16, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

After a long weekend of rest: Sat, Sun and Mon, Ped and I met at a new gym for Ped: Zone Gym in Wood Green. Zone is a bit of a relic in terms of bodybuilding gyms in London, with some famous faces leaving signed photos on the wall in the entrance. Ped was lucky enough to see Si Howard – SNHfoto in his natural habitat there as we trained, taking photos of a bodybuilder.

Ped admitted, the place is pretty intimidating at first. Lots of very big men in vests and a few bits of kit that most would have no idea how to use. Make no mistake though, if you’re into more bodybuilding type training, this gym is worth a visit. Not unusual to see some recognisable faces from the world of bodybuilding or Si Howard taking photos of the up and coming generation.

In terms of Ped’s session, I decided to step away from the supersets and instead take the single exercises we were set to do and double the reps (taking the weights down a little – but keeping them heavy enough that the 20 would be hard.)

As expected, Ped found the high reps tough. We still kept rests 60-90secs and tempo slowish on the eccentric phase (2010 for most sets). As you can imagine the lactic soon built up and Ped literally jumped out of machines between sets. We also utilised the bilateral leg extension and bilateral leg curl machines to ensure his legs did the work equally. Not many gyms have these machines, but when gym’s like Zone do, it’s well worth making the legs do these movements independently. As Ped found though: it’s tougher!

As always, Ped coped well and enjoyed the session. The idea of which was to complete 5sets of 20reps – 100reps of each exercises. Each set should have the feeling of almost failing to keep the movement going due to the burning in the legs. A new session for Ped, but he did well regardless!

The session looked like:

warm-up and mobility

  1. Leg ext 20kg (each leg) 20reps 5sets
  2. Leg press 55kg 20reps, 65kg 20reps, 75kg 20reps, 85kg 20reps x 2sets
  3. Leg curl seated 15kg (each leg) 20reps, 17.5kg 20reps, 17.5kg 20reps, 17.5kg 20reps, 20kg 20reps (with pauses!)
  4. Glute bridge 32kg 20reps 5sets
  5. Split squats – bodyweight, 20reps each leg. 3 sets.

We stopped here as Ped’s old hip injury was just starting to niggle. Obviously a lot of volume in this session so the repetition may well have aggravated the old problem. We’ll monitor it over the next few weeks.