October 20, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

After a gruelling leg session the day before, it was back to upper body for Ped for session 21.

Returning to the supersets theme for the majority of the session except for the first exercise of the day, where instead we opted for a complex/giant set. This was as much to see how Ped’s mental resolve was moving from 2 exercise back to back, to multiple sets. He did well and although he found it tough, worked through it despite failing at points within the sets.

As always, we began with a few intervals to get the heart rate up at the beginning of the session with the idea of keeping it up with the complex and supersets throughout the session. Instead of the ergo though, we started on the watt bike.

The session looked like:


Intervals: Bike 30secs sprint/15sec slow off x 6

  1. Press-up complex steps
    1. very wide on floor
    2. wide on press-up stands
    3. shoulder width on bench
    4. reverse grip on bar in rack (higher than bench)
    5. close grip on bar in rack (higher than iv.)
      5reps each, 60secs rest, 6reps each, 60secs rest, 8reps each
  2. Supersets
    1. Inverted row 10, 10, 10 (2 half reps)
    2. Seated cable row 31.25kg 12, 33.75kg 12, 12 (2 half reps)
  3. Supersets
    1. Bench press 40kg 12, 10, 8
    2. Cable crossover 7.5kg 12, 10kg 10, 10/10/10 3 x drops of a 1 plate each.
  4. Supersets
    1. Bent over cable row 28.75kg 10, 31.25kg 10, 33.75kg 10
    2. Face pull 18.75kg 10, 21kg.25 10, 23.75kg 10
      Last set Ped performed dropsets of each instead of supersets

      1. BOR weight as above 10/10/10 drops 2 plates each drop
      2. Face pull as above 10/10/10 drop 1 plate each drop
  5. Supersets
    1. DB incline press 14kg 12, 16kg 10, 8
    2. Rope waves 20sec, 25sec, 30sec

Another good effort from Ped. He continues to do Men’s Fitness proud. He openly hates the Battle Rope work at the end, but as we all know, it’s usually the things we hate that are really pushing us to where we need to be.

Ped headed to the NKD Ambition changing room thoroughly in need of his post workout banana and MaxiNutrition shake – he needed some sugars after working at a pretty high intensity throughout.