September 10, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Yesterday was my fourth session with Ped in our 10 week transformation for Men’s Fitness magazine. We were coming back off his long weekend of rest and ice to try to get the little niggle of biceps tendonitis he picked up from the first week.

Ped was feeling much better, with the ice and rest doing his arm a world of good. However, I still took the decision to avoid pulling exercises for the upperbody altogether so as to give the arm another 48hrs rest before putting it through the paces.

As expected, Ped worked his socks off yet again. His form on the major compound exercises is getting better by the session and to really nail that home we took our weights down and rep ranges up for this session to help Ped drill the techniques.

Our session looked like:

  1. Squats: mobility and dynamic stretching then 30kg x 4, 35kg x 1. 15reps per set. Last set with drops sets x 2 to failure.
  2. Overhead press: warm-up sets then 20kg x 4, 12-15reps per set. When overhead press failure, push press used to finish sets. Last set 2 x rest/pause sets to failure on push pres
  3. Glute bridge on bench: warm-up sets then 30kg x 4, 15reps. Last set 12reps then rest/pause sets x 2 to failure.
  4. Bench press: warm up sets then 20kg x 3, 15reps. Last set 12reps then 2 x rest/pause sets to failure.
  5. Deadlift: warm-up sets then 40kg x 3 10reps.
  6. Finisher: press-ups stand press ups to planks. Alternating to failure between the two.

A good session from Ped. The legs were tired by the time we hit deadlift, but it was good to see the technique working despite his fatigue. The arm was fine so I’m hoping we can get the pulls working on Thursday.