September 16, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill5 Minutes

After a weekend of rest and recovery, Ped and I were set to take things up another notch for the start of week 3. With our compound movement techniques nailed and Ped’s body now coping well with the change from a sedentary non-resistance training lifestyle to one with 4 session a week. It was time to introduce the little surprise we will have at the beginning of some of our sessions.

We started with a warm-up on the treadmill with a slow jog, then jumped off for dynamic stretches and then a further slow jog slowly increasing the pace. I then explained the theory of Tabata training to Ped. We then practised jumping from the moving treadmill to standing on the sides as Ped would for the 10seconds rest periods between the 20second fast periods. We then performed half a tabata session at 15kph at 1,5% gradient.

Ped found this relatively easy, but it did the trick of introducing the concept, getting him comfortable with jumping on and off the belt as it moves at pace. It also got a sweat on ready for the upperbody session ahead.

We now have the Tabata treadmill session in our Arsenal (one for you Ped!), so Ped can either do this before work (our sessions are in the afternoon) or we can use it as a warm-up before our resistance sessions.

The rest of the session went very well. The aim was to push Ped’s body to failure on every exercise using various methods; from rest/pause sets to drop sets to compound sets. As always, the importance of mental strength and growing the ability to push the body beyond perceived limits was not overlooked. Every session is that little bit harder: with weights or reps increasing or the introduction of the methods above to induce failure, and thus Ped’s strength of mind increases with the perceived difficulty of these sessions.

For the final superset, the plan was to do cable crossover into renegade row. However, when he tried to do the renegade row Ped’s hip didn’t feel too stable. Ped had a operation to his hip a few years back, so it’s something we’ve had to work with in terms of his stance for squats and deads. Rather than cause discomfort or press on and cause injury we switches the exercise out for lateral raise. Not quite the same intensity in terms of exercise but we were at the end of the session and Ped had already worked his socks off

The session looked like:

  1. Inverted row with straight legs 10reps,10reps ,8reps and rest/pause sets of 6 & 3reps respectively (failure)
  2. Compound sets of:
    1. Incline dumbbell press 14kg 10reps into
    2. Press-ups on press-up stands 6reps (failure). Two further sets of 10reps/4reps and 8reps/4reps and two further press-ups sets of 4 and 2 (failure).
  3. Supersets of
    1. Cable row 36kg 10reps
    2. Biceps dumbbell curls 6kg 10reps (Second set of 10/10 respectively and a third set of Cable row 10/6/5 dropsets to failure and a set of 8 curls.)
  4. Overhead press into push press when fail at shoudler press. 25kg 7/3 respectively.
    Second set 25kg 4 shoulder press then drop to 20kg 3 shoulder press, then 3 push press.
    Final set at 20kg 10 press, 6push, 4push as rest pause sets.
  5. Supersets of:
    1. Lat pull down wide grip 36kg 12reps
    2. Hammer curls 7kg 10reps
      Second set of 42kg 10reps/hammer curls 7kg 7reps,
      Third set 42kg 10/hammer curls 7kg 5reps.
  6. Supersets of:
    1. Cable cross over 12kg 12reps couldn’t do renegade row so:
    2. Lat raise 4kg 12reps
      Second set cable cross over 16kg 10reps/lat raise 4kg 12reps
      Third set 10/10
  7. Finisher: Tabata plank x 4 (half Tabata).

Another great session from Ped, he worked just as hard as he has in all other session. The rest weekend obviously did him good both mentally and physically. Our last session tomorrow before Ped heads to New York for a Men’s Fitness shoot. The aim is for a tough leg session before he gets on the plane on Wednesday!