September 21, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

Not much from me on Ped’s transformation since mid-week last week. However, there’s been lots going on behind the scenes. On Thursday we did our 8th session of this process, then on Friday Ped flew to New York for a Men’s Fitness photoshoot with Alexandria Morgan and Ped did the 9th session on his own (well, with the help of veteran gym goer and MF editor Nick Hutchings) while out there.

First, and most importantly, no, I wasn’t invited to New York to train Ped out there. I still haven’t had time to put Ped through the 10 x 500metre row sprints he owes me for that mishap!

In terms of Thursday’s session, it was time for a good old leg session. I’m sure Ped enjoyed the DOMS he had on the plane on Friday. As always, Ped worked his socks off. He really has taken on the spirit needed for a good transformation. He works as hard as he can on each rep of each set, taking them to failure and never complaining when I throw in a dropset or rest/pause set to take us that little bit further into the pain barrier and past failure.

Our 8th session looked like:

  1. Squats 50kg 12reps, 55kg 12reps for 3 sets. 60kg 10reps with dropsets of 55kg 8reps, 50kg 10reps.
  2. Split squat 20kg 10reps for 3 sets with drops into 10 bodyweight only on each leg for the last set.
  3. Glute bridge 50kg 10reps, 12reps, 12reps then a final set with 2 x rest/pause sets to failure.
  4. Step ups 12kg 10reps each leg warm-up, 16kg 10reps each leg x 2 sets.
  5. Finisher: supersets
    1. TRX jump squats 20reps
    2. Walking lunges 20reps
      twice through.

As expected Ped’s legs were jelly. He was just at that point of feeling sick, but has learned by now that although the body doesn’t feel like it, the best course of action is to eat a banana and get a protein shake down the range ASAP.

Ped is getting good results in terms of increasing weight on all lifts. This is both his confidence in his ability but also his co-ordination of the agonist and synergist of the various muscles used in the lifts working well together and increasing in strength.

Strength increases are not the main aim for a body transformation, they are a nice aside however. With a body fat of 30% to start with (from a DEXA scan) health and long-term fitness are our main aim: changing a lifestyle of CV training over resistance training and easy food choices over healthy food choices is our number one aim, if the physique can change over 10weeks, then perfect and if strength gains continue to be seen then even better.