October 7, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

Due to the fact I had to take two days off training Ped for a Men’s Health shoot I hadn’t seen Ped since Monday, with this session being Friday. Kate did a good session midweek with him which left us with an all over body session to do – and what better time than to start Ped’s super/compound sets than after a couple of days off.

Although this upped the ante, Ped again worked as hard as he could and coped well with the added  intensity. He certainly had the soaking wet t-shirt at the end of the session to prove how hard he had worked!

The opening part of the session aimed to fatigue Ped’s quads with leg ext so that during the leg press his glutes had to do more of the work. It seemed to do the trick!

The session looked like:

Warm-up on a rower

  1. 5 x 15sec rower sprint, 45sec recovery row.
  2. Supersets leg ext/leg press
    Leg ext 50kg 10, leg press 80kg 10
    Leg ext 50kg 10, break 10secs leg ext 50kg 10, leg press 80kg 10
    Leg ext 50kg 10, leg press 80kg 10, then dropset with 60kg 6
  3. Superset single leg leg press/single leg glute bridge
    Single leg leg press 20kg 10reps each leg, single leg glute bridge 10kg 10reps each leg, last set 10/6/4 rest/pause sets.
  4. Bench Press
    30kg Close grips 5reps, regular grip 5reps, wide grip 5reps x 3 sets
  5. Bench Press
    45kg 3reps into 40kg 5reps into 30kg 7reps x 2 rounds (some forced reps were needed to hit 7reps for last sets).
  6. Lat pull down
    31kg wide grip overhand 5reps, medium grip overhand 5reps, close grip underhand 5reps.
    38kg as above
    42.5kg as above
    63.5kg 3reps, 56.5kg 5reps, 42.5kg 7reps x 2 rounds.

A great effort from Ped, some new concepts for him: really working with heavier weights to test his ability to perform the exercises he’s learnt over the last four weeks under pressure. Again, he did as asked and put maximum effort in. He’s yet to have a bad session with me. Well done Ped.