September 1, 2014In Men's Fitness TransformationBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

Today was my first session with Ped, the Art Director at Men’s Fitness. We started his 10 week transformation which will be featured in the mag over the coming weeks.

I thought it might be useful to blog on here and on my site what I’m doing with him so others might be able to do their own transformation at some point.

Obviously, before starting we went through his calorie needs, how we are going to be changing his old way of eating to a slightly newer method and what macros he needs to hit. Rather than jumping straight into carb cycling as I might have done in previous transformations, we are simply going to get Ped used to slightly more controlled and frequent eating: around 20g of protein every 3hrs with enough fat and carbs spread through the rest of the day to hit his macro needs. A larger proportion of his daily carbs will be at breakfast and post training to ensure he has the energy to fulfil his large requirements at MF!

Today was as much of a teach as it was a session. We still managed to get a good sweat on and get a set of wobbly legs to leave the gym on. I usually start transformations with whole body sessions, with a rest day between each session and the next.

However, we only have 10weeks, so instead, we’ve gone straight for lower body and upper body splits. We will work two days on, one day off through the week with weekends off. This will change after two weeks.

So, today’s session was:

  1. Deadlift technique teach then 3 sets of 10reps at 40kg 3020 tempo.
  2. Squat technique teach then 3 sets of 10reps at 30kg 3020 tempo.
  3. Leg press technique teach then 3 sets of 10reps at 45-65kg 3020 tempo.
  4. Leg curl technique teach then 2 sets of 10reps at 20-25kg 3030 tempo.
  5. Leg ext technique teach then 2 sets of 10reps 25-30kg 3030 tempo.
  6. Barbell glute bridge on bench teach then 2 sets 10reps 20kg 3020 tempo.
  7. TRX pistol squats teach then 2 sets of 5reps on each leg 2020 tempo.

This may seem like a lot of volume for a beginner, but the weights were not a big challenge. We kept to 1mins rest between sets and had lots of discussions on perceived exertion. Should Ped have found anything too tough or shown signs of fatigue or exhaustion we would have dialed it back.

Lastly, we used the TRX for some abs exercises more to raise the heart rate and get Ped used to a “finisher” at the end of a session.

We did two rounds of TRX knees to chest 10reps, TRX alternate knees to chest 10reps and TRX bodysaw 5reps.

A great first session for Ped, he worked hard and has started getting to grips with “feeling” the muscles working, which is so crucial at this stage.