October 15, 2015In NutritionBy Sean Lerwill7 Minutes

As a health and fitness professional, it’s always nice to be recognised and in this case invited by one of the leaders within the industry. Certainly from the men’s side anyway. Men’s Health is the biggest selling men’s magazine in the UK, beating the likes of GQ and Esquire as well as other fitness mags in this country. I actually found out this morning that it’s the biggest selling men’s mag in the world. Pretty impressive.

Over the last couple of years I have worked with Men’s Health a little more than I did previously, both as a writer and as a model, and I have seen them expanding slowly but surely. I was lucky enough to try a few pieces of their new exercise kit and equipment range when filming exercise gifs for their new website last year. I was told back then about some of the other expansion plans, and so was delighted to be invited along to the event this morning.

The event was the exclusive launch of the “Men’s Health Lab Vitamins”. A combined effort between Men’s Health and Omega Pharma. The idea of the event was to be able to see and try the products and of course speak to the collaborators about them. It was also nice to catch up with a few old faces like Olly Foster, Ollie Philips and Mark from Men’s Health, as well as see some other well know fitness faces like Alex Ferentinos and Dan Roberts.

The plan for the launch was laid out as:

  • Complementary healthy breakfast
  • Introductory press conference (with Men’s Health & Omega Pharma spokespeople)
  • Product samples / goodie bags
  • Interviews with Men’s Health Group Publishing Editor and Omega Pharma brand spokesperson on the collaboration and development of the ultimate range of vitamins for men
  • Interviews with talent in attendance – including Gethin Jones and James Degale

As anyone who has followed the launch of my new site recently and seen some of my current blogs will know, I am neither a staunch advocate for supplements or a hell bent avoider. I think supplements “supplement the diet” and thus if the diet has things missing, supplements play a huge part. They aren’t “needed” and they aren’t to be “avoided”. They play a role but are rarely if ever a must have.

We all live incredibly busy lives and often fail to fulfil the requirements of a balanced and healthy diet; therefore protein supplementation, greens supplementation, vitamin supplementation or my personal go to – omega3 supplementation all have their roles to play at times. Actually, my aunt in Australia has just been told by her GP that she needs to take omega 3s to help with her health. My mum has been taking it religiously for years. Not even my influence, her own. Another article, but for me if you don’t get enough (quality) freshwater oily fish, it can have issues in your health. Hence omega3 supplementation.

I’m 100% behind Men’s Health with this new product launch. They have launched vitamins and are standing by the fact that they are not launching a supplement range: it’s a vitamin range. Yes, behind it all is the desire to expand their market and make more money. However, I’ve seen other people/companies jump into the supplement market with a fat burner. To me, that is a little immoral. You are playing to people’s weaknesses and phobias. And most are just concocted from items you can find in most people’s kitchens.

Men’s Health have gone in at the other end. Instead of trying to give people an easy route at getting lean/fit with a fat burner (which they could’ve easily done), they have produced a vitamin range which can help people become healthier, with more efficient bodies and bodily systems which in turn could drive down body fat percentage naturally. Furthermore, they have taken vitamins like vitamin D that a lot of us are deficient in and made it better than others available on the market. How? Simple: they’ve put enough in one slow release tablet for a week’s worth of needs. Therefore, for the busy man, you take one tablet and that’s all you need for the week. Well done Men’s Health.

A great few hours spent for me. Not only trying some new vitamins and getting to see a great new range: catching up with some old friends, and it was nice to finally meet and chat with Gethin Jones. Gethin completed the 30miler with a Royal Marines troop in 2005, so we had a bit of a combined hardship to chat about. We may even try to combine for a future idea. Watch this space…

For those interested in the vitamin products Men’s Health will be putting out there, the range consists of eight different products segmented across three core benefit-led categories. The idea behind this is to make it easier for men (who are apparently quite lazy shoppers) to navigate and find what they are looking for. One figure used today was that consumer research suggests that 7/10 men looking at vitamins don’t buy. Men’s Health hope that their categories and simple eight products will change this by making the experience simpler.

  • Wellbeing – Multi-Fit & Body Defence
  • Energy – Energy Release & Active Recovery
  • Performance – Vit D3 Max, Mental Focus, Cardio Health & Joint Endurance

To find out more about this new product line visit: menshealth.co.uk/food-nutrition/mh-vitamins or visit Sainsburys, Boots, Holland and Barratt and a number of other supermarkets and major retailers to pick up the products themselves.

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